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      eth69 pornBB noob
      Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2016 8:14 pm Subject: [RG] [Audio] Hypno for hands free orgasm
      I guess, most will know Isabella Valentine.

      After you are hypnotized, you will experience a hands free orgasm.

      You all have asked for it and here it is! Many people have asked me to make an trance recording designed to make you cum without touching yourself. The wait is finally over!

      This unisex mp3 is great for trance practitioners of all levels. Initially, I hesitated making this session because I secretly cringed at the idea of someone saying “Uh, it didn’t work on me.” Technically speaking, trance artists can’t “make” people cum. But we can give triggers, suggestions, and commands. It’s up to you if you want to follow them because YOU have complete control of your experience. No one can force you do to anything you don’t want to do, plain and simple.. Essentially you’re making yourself cum, not me. I’m just a guide to get you there.

      If you are new to Jackpot and you are considering trying it, first of all, welcome. I’d like to share with you beforehand that learning to surrender will take some effort on your part. Please don’t get frustrated if you don’t cum the first or second time. Challenge yourself and keep trying. It DOES work and CAN work for you!

      You CAN cum with no hands! Hundreds (it seems like thousands) of people have written me to say it WORKS. 8 out of 10 emails suggest that they ejaculated with NO hands within the first two times and it was the biggest orgasm of their lives! Another 15% say it worked within the first 3-6 times they listened to it. And the other 5% are either still trying, it took them a few weeks, or they didn’t write back to tell me their results. At the very least, 99.9999% of the people who contacted me about their experiences with Jackpot all reported some sort of orgasm, whether physical, spiritual, or overwhelming body sensations that were equal or close to wet orgasms.

      My method works. Plain and simple. This Jackpot series is the #1 bestseller of all my trance recordings and it has consistently stayed at the top of the charts. If you allow yourself some patience and practice, you’ll be shooting cum out of your peehole at so fast, you may not even see where it landed (as some people have graciously confessed). All you really have to do is surrender, it’s that easy. Before I begin describing this recording, please understand that this takes practice and this type of trance involving no-hands ejaculation will INDEED take a lot of practice on YOUR part.

      The ease at which you cum with no hands all depends on your body’s ability to accept trance for what it is, and your enthusiasm to actually obey and do what is told during trance! If you want this to work, then come into this with an open mind and let go of all your expectations and resistance. When you do, you’ll see the results instantly! Curious to see how far your cum can travel when stimulated? Or how many seconds it stays airborn? Or how long you’ll feel it afterwards?

      The special thing about this recording is that it is entirely hands-free. That means at NO point will you be instructed to rub something, grind something, or hump something against yourself. You will ejaculate or cum using the power of your own mind. That’s the beauty of trance. Your brain can make you cum instantly under the right circumstances so that you feel wonderful!

      This mp3 was also designed for those people who often have trouble visualizing or relaxing during recordings. It mostly focuses on feelings and the kinesthetic aspect to help you achieve trance in a completely different way. Also includes binaural audio sounds and beautiful whispers to deepen your trance.

      P.S. When you have reached success with this, check out the sequels to Jackpot which all contain additional stimulation with the same no-hands trigger word to condition you to cum harder, faster, and easier with time.

      Pass: podjerk

      http://rapidgator.net/file/862608a200ba26f1235283d41b1531a7/Jerkpod1.zip.html Last edited by eth69 on Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:00 am; edited 3 times in total
      eth69 pornBB noob
      Posted: Thu Feb 04, 2016 7:10 pm Subject:

      This mp3 is a sequel to the popular “Jackpot – No Hands” recording, however it is not necessary to listen to the first recording to enjoy this one.

      Do you like being submissive to a dominant woman who want you to cum without touching yourself? If so, then this mp3 is for you. This recording combines the beauty of dominance and control with your love of being teased relentlessly. In this special recording, you get to be succumbed under my spell for over 45 minutes.

      About the recording:
      I have entranced your fantasy slavegirl to tease you with her tongue around your cock (you would like her tongue licking around the tip of your cock, wouldn’t you?) and with her beautiful, voluptuous breasts. You are bound to a chair, helpless and powerless to my control as my slavegirl teases you with her infinite tongue loops that loop, loop, loop around your cock. Get ready to discover the beauty of loops like never before!


      pass: podjerk
      eth69 pornBB noob
      Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:56 am Subject: Jackpot 3: Delectable Paradise

      There is no language which could adequately describe the seductive, romantic power of this recording. Instead, I offer you two of my favorite excerpts.

      “My legs embracing your mind wrapping around and around like the words circling my tongue. Drift into the tunnel of surrender that is looping around your mind listening to my words, like the earth orbiting the sun… we are drawn to each other, my love. I am seducing you with my black silk stockings, elegant and refined. French hosiery. You’re a man. Impressionable mind drooling over my powerful legs enchanted with charisma and confidence. And when you realize your mind wants more, fall deeper.”

      “Your cock is breathing mercy and I am blowing whispery, mellifluous smoke – flowing like honey. There are many types of ways to breathe… slow like the flow of honey falling from a glass, gently, frenchkissing the tongue of unbridled intimacy. Calm breathing, soft to the touch, like a question that sways you deeper into trance. How far do you want to go? Deeper. Like your breath, high and low, low and high, weaving one long thread. ”

      What you should know: In this mp3, I don’t re-explain the hands-free orgasm trigger… instead, I simply say it. It is imperative that if you want an effective experience with this mp3, you must have already successfully experienced the hands-free orgasm trigger from the FIRST Jackpot: No Hands recording in this series. It is not necessary to have listened to Jackpot 2.

      There is no references to domination, Mistress, or Goddess worship and instead focuses on the deepening of our romantic love for one another. Feel free to channel my deep connection to romance.

      Length: 35 min

      pass: podjerk

      eth69 pornBB noob
      Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 10:59 am Subject: Jackpot 4

      Jackpot is back and better than ever! If you like to orgasm without using your hands, then you’ll love the trance techniques used in this special recording as Isabella’s words pull every last drop of cum from your penis. And the best part? No touching yourself. No humping anything. No hands means no hands. In fact, be prepared to sit on top of your hands while I arouse you from head to toe, preventing you from even TRYING to touch yourself. Think you can handle it? It’s potent as ever.

      Lie back and relax and let me take nice good care of you. Here. Drink this tall glass of, “You are getting very very sleepy.” Enjoy a full-body rubdown massage induction as you drift off to wonderland. Nude. Sexy. Hot. Women. Wet t-shirts. Don’t wanna spoil the plot.

      In this latest hands-free cumming expansion, you are encouraged to think of any powerful, erotic, sexy woman that you’d like (great for those who are in committed relationships) and be aroused by a sweet array of powerful trigger words. Almost all the suggestions are vanilla with just subtle hints to kink. There’s very light sensual domination, and overall, I’d describe it as the hot chocolate syrup that goes with an ice cream sundae. Just add nuts.

      There’s quite a bit of tease-and-denial, combined with multiple full-body orgasms which occur post-orgasm. Just thinking of how this will sound… stimulates you. It’s hot.

      Note: This recording assumes the listener has already successfully responded to the hands-free cumming trigger in the first Jackpot in the series. It is not necessary to have listened to any other Jackpot sequels, only the first one.

      Length: 34 min

      pass: podjerk

      eth69 pornBB noob
      Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:03 am Subject: Jackpot 5

      Let’s play a game. The rules are simple: I speak, you cum. At no point – no matter how aroused you become – are you allowed to masturbate. In fact, Mistress forbids you from touching at all. I can touch, but you can’t! Oh how devious and delightfully teasing this is Smile

      I recommend previous conditioning with the original 1st Jackpot so your body will convulse and vibrate as I repeat the magic words. All the same trigger words from the first recording are strategically placed in this one – including some new ones (from a wide variety of my recordings). However, this special recording may be experienced as a stand-alone recording for new Jackpot users.

      Feel multiple full-body orgasms as you cum violently and with intense furious vibrations. Absolutely no hands! Positively no touching or any other method of physical touch.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      What to expect: Arrive naked and ready to play. Prepare to be playfully and seductively dominated to orgasm by a true Madam.

      For first time users: you HAVE to cum. No exceptions! ALL genders welcome!

      Length: 54 min

      Pass: podjerk

      eth69 pornBB noob
      Posted: Sat Feb 06, 2016 11:07 am Subject: Jackpot 6

      Orgasm with NO HANDS (no masturbation allowed, in fact) in this super yummy erotic mp3 with sexually explicit content. Do be sure to wear headphones for even more hardcore orgasming. And turn the sound UP! Immerse yourself in my voice. This erotic roleplay is set in a dark, gothic mansion where beautiful whores roam on cold marble floors in tall, high heels. Strippers in classic fantasy outfits, babes who seem to have misplaced their bikinis, and troves of kissing lesbians all seem to fade from view as Goddess Mistress Isabella Valentine steps through the doorway. Your eyes lock on my body and on my voice and all else dissolves…

      Professional quality sound editing specifically for single or uncommitted horny, bisexual, or straight men who want me in their mind all the time. Adore me. Lavish me. Cum for me. There are suggestions in this recording probably not safe for the non-single unless your partner is firmly grounded and/or you have the space to adore me as I desire the most: receiving presents! Spoil fetish, love and addiction fetish, and instruction to orgasm at my command. This is very naughty and a little dangerous. If you love to ride risk, you’ll drool in paradise when you hear this.

      The Jackpot series is a must-have. Each session is very different than the other in terms of content (the purpose being to open adults to new fetishes and new ways to experience arousal), and they all contain the same magic word trigger to induce instant orgasm. Recommended listening: do be sure to successfully orgasm to the first in the series — Jackpot: No Hands (the first in the series) to familiarize yourself with my style so that you are trained to ejaculate on command EVERY TIME — before listening to Jackpot 6. Turn off the lights. Lock your door. Put on your headphones. Loosen your pants. And listen to the sound of my smooth voice. For those who have a voice fetish, you’ll be pleased to know that 95% of this recording has no background music whatsoever. Take the plunge and surrender to 50 minutes of erotic teasing and orgasmic perfection. Purchase it right now. You want this. It will easily become an instant favorite!

      Length: 50 min

      pass: podjerk

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