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      Leatherface wrote:
      Who the fuck is Boxxy?

      here's a cheap way:

      get Firefox
      get Cacheview addon
      get Snaplinks plus addon (optional)
      get Tabmix plus(optional)

      Step 1: clear cache
      Step 2: open all image links in new tabs.(use snaplinks) and wait for pages to load.
      Step 3: start cacheviewer.
      Step 4: sort by size, select the images, rightclick, save as.
      Nothing beats Brianna in Collision Course.
      I kinda like the cat photos, especially after a few beers Very Happy
      Not another of those 'is this gay' questions... I'm personally inclined to believe that things can't be gay only people can be gay.

      1) Use images, hosted on an imagehost, for identification. Linking to sites other than imagehosts (streaming video sites, galleries, paysites etc.) is not allowed.
      If you have a working link to a filehost you can post it in addition to your screencaps.

      2) Do not just use links to filehosts. (see rule 1)

      3) Do not use cash generating links. Trying to make money when asking a favor makes you look like an ass and no one will help you.

      4) No bumping within 7 days of your last post.

      5) Add the Content Icon (blonde, brunette, black, asian, etc.) it may help.

      6) Do not offer a reward (e.g. RS account, paypal payment, post) for a successful identification - (NEW Oct 8th 2009)

      Breaking any one of these simple rules will result in the thrashing of your thread.

      Of course we also expect you to follow the General Forum Rules.

      and please leave a 'thanks' if someone has solved your request.



      How to take quick screencaps using VideoLan Player:

      1) open your video, right-click anywhere to open the context menu, select 'miscellaneous' then 'preferences'.
      2) select 'Video' and find the 'Snapshot' options. Edit the 'Video snapshot directory' so you can easily find your screencaps later. Press 'Save'.
      3) find a good shot, press 'Pause', open the context menu and select Snapshot. Repeat a couple of times.
      4) upload your pictures

      If you don't know how to post a picture read this tutorial:
      Tutorial: How To Post Pictures - Full Size & Thumbs.

      How to take screencaps of a streaming video:

      Option 1:

      1) take a general screencap of your desktop while playing the video using the 'PrintScreen' button.
      2) paste (Ctrl-V) the image into an image editing program like Paint and save.
      3) cut the relevant part out of the image and save.

      Option 2:

      1) Download the streaming video with one of the many 'embedded video downloading' Firefox addons.
      2) Take a screencap in VideoLan Player (or any other player).

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