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      I’m hoping someone can identify the movie or actress. I used to could find it but now I can’t. Scene starts with a short haired redhead teen sitting on a picnic table. A man approaches in a POV kind of way, the teen is wearing a short denim jean skirt. I believe she was skipping school and the guy is her dad’s friend I believe. They go to a house and she spreads her legs, she’s wearing a pink thong. She acts really shy and he also does anal with her,

      Any help would be appreciated!!
      Thanks for your input but that’s not the one. She’s kind of pale, she is wearing a jean skirt
      I’m trying to find a tube or the name of a redhead girl who is caught skipping school by a friend of her dad! She is wearing a skirt and pink panties and gets fucked in the ass. Any help will be appreciated!
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