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      Nada, huh? Damn….
      Can you help me? So I used to have this (I think) VHS that was a compilation, the scene it started out with is the only thing I remember or care about really…

      It opens with this chick, (in a kind of dom corset, huge round titties, brunette), walking into a basement looking place. (I also remember there was this weird sounding laugh that kept repeating over and over. Sounded like a thing you’d put on your steps at Halloween.) She is showing this guy different fucking machine stations, he was in a nazi looking uniform or something. Eventually, she starts giving him a handjob, he ends up fucking this weird looking mechanical blowup doll…. I just remember how weird it was, but how that weirdness kind of made it oddly hot… It’ll be amazing if anyone knows what I’m talking about… Thank you in advance!!
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