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      Not sure where to post this, so try here:
      Naughty Angel Sex Sounds
      Years ago during the IRC chat days, there was this amateur girl who recorded a ton of sound files and had a web site where she posted them. If I remember right, the site was called Naughty Angel’s Erotic Sex Sounds, and they were amazing. I had most of the files and loved listening to them. The sound of a woman pleasuring herself and having an orgasm is incredible.
      I found a site with the majority of her sound files and I have put them into 2 .RAR files. Here is a list of the file names. Several of them are her masturbating to orgasm, others are of her having sex and there are several where she is describing having sex with you, like a phone sex or cyber sex session with her. I love these and wanted to share. Both Files need to play. 30 sound clips in all. Very hot.
      dead link - 100 MB
      dead link - 69 MB
      Ali Cum
      Angel Ass
      Angel Ass 2
      Angel Birthday
      Angel BJ
      Angel Cum
      Angel Daddy 2
      Angel for Carey
      Angel for Sean
      Angel Lick
      Angel Lick #2
      Angel Just For You
      Angel Gets Licked Then Fucked
      Angel Need
      Angel New Vibe
      Angel NippleGasm
      Angel Shhhh
      Angel Shower
      Angel Solo 2
      Angel Solo 3
      Angel Solo 4
      Angel Solo 5
      Angel Spank
      Angel Switch Pt. 1
      Angel Switch Pt. 2
      Angel Sex 1
      Angel Sex 2
      Angel Vibe with Help
      Angel Watches
      Angel Wish
      dead link -= 7.9 MB - she tells daddy to fuck her.

      dead link - 100 KB - very short clip where she asks you to fuck her.
      Warning: You must be 18 years or older to view this website.
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