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      Tonight's the night you finally eat your cum, baby! You've been trying for so long now and I think I have the solution. You're going to leave a tasty creampie inside of me that you won't be able to resist eating since I know you love how my pussy tastes. You're going to get me off while you finally fulfill that fantasy of swallowing your own cum! First thing's first though... let's fuck! I know I won't be able to resist kissing you knowing your mouth is filled with our juices.



      Custom vid, no name mentioned. Like so many, you're turned on by the thought of eating your own cum for me,
      but as soon as you blow your load you chicken out. Not this time. You're going to freeze 6 loads of your own
      cum & then watch the rest of this vid. I'll get you so turned on you'll do whatever I tell you to. I tease you about
      your obsession with sucking cock & eating cum. I seduce you into eating those frozen loads & smearing them
      all over your face. This is probably the horniest for cum you'll ever be. So take that step, my closet cocksucking,
      cum-guzzling little pervert, let's play!

      Cum Eating Instruction Encouraged Bi JOI Games BISEXUAL ENCOURAGEMENT Masturbation Instruction

      Mistress_T_-_Frozen_cum_for_effective_CEI.mp4 (574.89 MB)

      I love a big pair of bouncy boobies don't you? They are mesmerizing! I can help but get wet just looking at them, I can tell you have the same problem.

      I wonder what covering my big bouncy boobs with oil will do to you? Follow my lead, I'll help you milk that hard cock and cum harder then ever before. Be a good boy and you can cum all over my oiled up titties.

      Tags: Big Tits Bikini Brunettes JOI Oiled Solo Tease

      1424KatieBanksOilTittyWorshipJoi.mp4 (602.74 MB)

      I have a little jerk off challenge for you, slut. I'm going to rev up those enginges and push you hard to stroke for me but not to cum, because you'll be positioned in such a way that if you cum before the time, it'll be into your own face. So you must hold back from the inevitable erruption as I tease you to the brink, or it will be a mouthful of your own jizz as a reward. Think you can make it? I think you'll be self facialing in no time..

      Goddess.Alexandra.Snow_-_CEI_Penalty.mp4 (278.74 MB)

      I don't have much to say to you, loser. you already know that My ass controls your life. I don't need to keep repeating Myself. Just sit there drooling like the obsessed loser you are! you will never stop wanting My ass. you will do anything for My ass just because you want it so bad. Too bad you're just a fucking loser. (Includes: Ass Worship, Tease and Denial, Brat Girls, Goddess Worship, FinDom)

      Goddess_Lindsey_-_Wanting_My_Ass.mp4 (334.64 MB)
      Natashas Bedroom - First Taste CEI


      This clip is pure cum-guzzling encouragement. No humiliation, no domination---just sweet, girl-next-door style instructions. Today's CEI lesson is going to be super hot *and* super fun.

      You'll stroke and edge for me as I tell you all about something special I want you to try: eating a load of your own cream. I'm so excited about seeing you try it that I just can't keep my clothes on. I slowly strip out of my cute top and tiny pajama shorts as I tell you all about how it'll taste, how it'll feel and smell, as the anticipation of that yummy mouthful builds for both of us. Those little tastes of precum that I have you scoop into your mouth as we edge will just make you hungrier, more desperate for the real meal.

      My edging instructions and teasing will drive you crazy long before you finally get to enjoy that tasty meal, but you'll have to hold out for me. I want to make absolutely certain that you're too turned-on to even consider backing out. And I'm going to succeed: once I finish my cum countdown, even the most obstinate cumeater will be slowly savoring a fresh load along with my extensive instructions.

      Cum Eating Encouragement - Edging Instructions - JOI - POV - Precum Eating

      (131.43 MB)
      Jackpot 3: Delectable Paradise

      There is no language which could adequately describe the seductive, romantic power of this recording. Instead, I offer you two of my favorite excerpts.

      “My legs embracing your mind wrapping around and around like the words circling my tongue. Drift into the tunnel of surrender that is looping around your mind listening to my words, like the earth orbiting the sun… we are drawn to each other, my love. I am seducing you with my black silk stockings, elegant and refined. French hosiery. You’re a man. Impressionable mind drooling over my powerful legs enchanted with charisma and confidence. And when you realize your mind wants more, fall deeper.”

      “Your cock is breathing mercy and I am blowing whispery, mellifluous smoke – flowing like honey. There are many types of ways to breathe… slow like the flow of honey falling from a glass, gently, frenchkissing the tongue of unbridled intimacy. Calm breathing, soft to the touch, like a question that sways you deeper into trance. How far do you want to go? Deeper. Like your breath, high and low, low and high, weaving one long thread. ”

      Jackpot 2

      Cum with no hands again! More domination than the first Jackpot recording. For men.

      This mp3 is a sequel to the popular “Jackpot – No Hands” recording, however it is not necessary to listen to the first recording to enjoy this one.

      Do you like being submissive to a dominant woman who want you to cum without touching yourself? If so, then this mp3 is for you. This recording combines the beauty of dominance and control with your love of being teased relentlessly. In this special recording, you get to be succumbed under my spell for over 45 minutes.

      Handsfree Orgasm

      Isabella Valentine - Jackpot 1 - No Hands

      Cum with no hands! Orgasm with no touching! Unisex recording with light domination.

      36 min file.

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