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      She is by a mile my favorite porn star. I have wanted for years to find a picture that has all her beauty and energy and now I think this is it. It is a screenshot of Deen vs. DeArmond scene 4, I upscaled it and edited the colors to make her less tan like she is in most of her other scenes. I also cropped it to focus more on her face and body in a more balanced view. Although this detracts from the signature move she is doing of reverse cowgirl with her feet together, so I also have the uncropped version as well as the original colored version. It is anal because the dick is behind her and not blocking the view of anything. Anyway who cares about all that when there is a picture to share.


      The other versions
      None of these girls have shit on them you idiot.
      What the fuck happened to Alex Grey.
      I searched her and I think she looks like Sharon Lee.
      I have thought about how the new stars all look/act like girls instead of women, also yes tattoos everywhere. It is not all of them though, Kendra Spade and Nia Nacci are two of my favorites these days. They remind me of that previous generation especially Nia who makes me think of Haley Paige a bit.
      I am trying to find it in better quality. I know L3ch3 69 (censored) does remasters so there should be a version that would not be so compressed and also that would have no watermark too. Plus it looks just like Bobbi Starr full movies from 3vil Ang3l I know like Bobbi Loves Boys and Shut Up & Fuck, it is even shot in the same place. It has Toni Ribas in it. The L3ch3 69 site has the title No Intensity, No Pleasure! for it, also the Spanish title Sin Dolor No Hay Placer too. IAFD is not helping me with the Toni Ribas scene pairing or the Bobbi Star director credit either, nothing. I am wondering now if it is an 3vil Ang3l outtake that was not released until L3ch3 69 put it out, I hope not. Someone please tell me if there is a better quality version of this thank you!

      Topic: new to porn
      expl0ited c0llege girls
      b@ckr00m c@sting c0uch
      my v3ry f1rst t1m3 (classy and professional unlike the other two which are sketchy)

      I do not know if I need to censor the names like this but better safe than sorry.
      Dana DeArmond is the queen forever but I think Adriana Chechik is doing the best work right now.
      grazman wrote:
      I thought Dakota Skye was cute and innocent looking, but then she got the terrible, whack ass, ugly, big, black raven tattoo on her shoulder. That thing is so BLACK and just all dark, it looks like just a big, black splotch on her. I don't enjoy watching her because that tattoo just corrupts everything. Whatever it takes to get it removed, she should pay. no matter how painful, expensive or long it takes, it'd be well worth it, it'd be worth watching again.

      And then she got ANAL on her ass and she had to get it removed right after because only Mike Adriano would book her. Laughing I wonder how that is working out.
      Kendra Spade is the new Asa Akira for me. Vina Sky is another Asian who is more on the cute girly side. Adriana Chechik is coming up on 30 and she is very extreme like Phoenix Marie. Plus Dana DeArmond is still going and she just turned 40. There is also Penny Pax who just turned 30, she is starting to get a bit flabby which makes me sad but if a fatass like London Keyes is on your list that should be no problem (no flames please, I love her too). Angela White is the most popular MILF today I think, she is good too.

      I see it has been a month, I hope you have not left the site so my post does not go to waste. Laughing
      I am updating my old list from the last page, this has descriptions only for the new girls.

      1. Dana DeArmond
      2. Amber Rayne (RIP)
      3. Remy LaCroix
      4. Asa Akira
      5. Adriana Chechik
      6. Penny Pax
      7. Yhivi, she would be higher but she had too much dignity for porn which makes her sad to watch (this is why I left her off before).
      8. Haley Paige (RIP)
      9. Veruca James, very powerful performer with a scream like a jet engine.
      10. Abella Danger, she is a real bimbo which is not my type, however she works harder than anyone but Adriana these days and I have to respect that. Plus she has a cute grin for her O face and a hell of an ass.
      Jenna Haze is the most beautiful girl who ever did porn but she was always just putting on a show, it almost never got real with her. But I like the show, she was good at playing the Jenna Haze character. Plus she is getting a PHD now so she is smarter than everyone here at least. She does not belong.

      The worst girl on the list is Sasha Grey who was also playing a character but her character was just awful. Nothing but bitchy yelling and smirking. Bitchiness is fine if it is real (Annie Cruz) but if it is forced it is a joke. And she made a big deal of being smart but all she did was write a book everyone laughed at, no PHD for her. It is a shame because she looked very nice. Her very first scenes are not so obnoxious so we have those at least.

      Edited to add -- Kenzie Reeves is not on the list but she is the most overrated girl right now. Totally fake and she squeals YES DADDY more than anybody which makes me soft because I am not a pedo.
      It is possible to have a boob job that looks OK, the one on Asa Akira never bothered me and Dana DeArmond would have fooled me if I did not see her before it. I do not know why so many girls have that awful softball or basketball look, if you are going to do something so drastic to your body why would you settle for that? The worst is when they already had big boobs like Gia Paloma or Jayden Lee which is very strange and sad.

      TIGHTFIST wrote:
      I know what you mean. It frustrates me a lot. There are girls that are really beautiful. They can't really do anything to look better. Then they wreck their looks by boob jobs and my current gripe- fat lips. It's ridiculous, especially when they try to move their faces/lips in a natural manner and they stay the same shape like big hard sausages. Abysmal.

      Jane Wilde had horrible wax lips for a while but it looks like she took a hint because they are looking a lot more human now. At least lip injections are not permanent.
      One of the worst things is when the guy starts fucking her really hard and the asshat camera man zooms on her pussy so you can't see anything else, you know she is doing the biggest O face and you can't fucking see it! Mad
      If anyone can find this it would be you. I am trying to get the Rebeca Linares scene from Consumer Affairs. There is a good quality version that was uploaded here and other places but it is dead everywhere I look, it is this one http://pornbb.org/post23246791.html There are versions I can find but they are shit resolution or they have that Diabolic demon watermark covering half the video. I was going to buy it but the place IAFD linked had it fucked up with interlacing and they wonder why people don't pay Rolling Eyes Please help me if you can and thanks for being the best sharer around. I notice the file has fh at the end of the name which I have seen with other videos, if it is a clue that can help then great and if not oh well.
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